Our Experience

High Park Group has a successful track record of providing high quality research and analysis to both industry and government. We have worked in the areas of regulatory process, Canada - U.S. affairs, energy and natural resources, multi-stakeholder project management, education, transportation, and federal and provincial government relations.

Our reputation is built around our knowledge of public policy, the quality of our research and analysis, and the insights we bring to help clients understand what can be done to advance their interests.

We know the difficulties clients face in maneuvering the complex public policy process in this country—we study legislation, regulation and policy, and propose improvements. We have advocated for the needs of a broad range of Canadian and international companies in the areas of natural gas, nuclear, mining, and renewables, among others. Through projects we have worked on with industry associations and corporate clients, we have helped shape the direction of regulatory reform of environmental legislation and energy policy.

Working with not-for-profit organizations we have helped build understanding of important issues.